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Slotty VegasSoftware: NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen
Welcome Bonus: £500 deposit bonus + 50 free spins
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It’s not often that novelty online casinos can combine elegance and simplicity with their gimmicky design, but Slotty Vegas manages to do so successfully. The brand, which is operated by NRR Entertainment an experienced team of specialists, has two cute mascots adorning its page. But instead of overdoing it and making it all about them, they’re merely used as a means of introducing their extensive range of games and that’s it.

There is a flow to Slotty Vegas that just works and we can’t exactly pinpoint why, it just does. It feels natural, like it has been created by online casino users themselves, not just by a business who assumes they know the industry. It is a massive credit to the operators and owners of the site.

Promotions and Membership

List of Ongoing Offers

  • £500 deposit bonus + 50 free spins

Visit Slotty Vegas Casino

From what we can glean, there is no promotions section for users to search, and there is only one that appears to be on offer and that is the welcome deal, consisting of £500 deposit bonus and a collection of 50 free spins. That’s it, that’s all we could find, and seeing as there’s no sitemap, we couldn’t even look for bonuses the hard way. If this is indeed what customers can expect to be given should they join, it is very disappointing indeed.

There’s a Hall of Fame for big money users that make the news, and something referred to as The Cash Race, but again these aren’t really traditional promotions as such, but more ways of competing in order to win the largest amount of cash.


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Slotty Vegas Video Slots

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The gaming section is teaming with a lot, and we mean a lot, of different activities all presenting different genres, themes, and prize money. It can feel overwhelming when you’re looking for a particular title, and so Slotty Vegas has provided customers with a search bar for easy navigating and finding that activity you desperately want to play.

Moreover, there is also an innovative bar at the very top of this page that will help make finding titles to suit your needs a lot easier; the bar has a cursor in the centre, with ‘more wins’ labelled at one end and ‘big wins’ at the other. The idea is that you slide the cursor down to whichever you prefer, when you choose where you want to place it the page will refresh and the titles closest to your preference are then listed.

When you click on a game, the volatility of that title is shown by the number of markers, furthermore, the game will open despite you not having signed up, which is rare indeed. The only problem that may arise is if your computer isn’t compatible with the software used by the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and NextGen Gaming.

Similar to the exclusivity of the wins bar, there is also something called Supercharged Wins, yet another brand innovation. What it does is add more money on top of the winnings you make when playing, and it is determined by a number of varying factors, such as how often you play on the site and which titles you actually play.


Recommended Option

Much like the offers, or lack of, the banking is essentially nonexistent. Obviously players can deposit and withdraw money, but there’s no section telling you how to do this, etc. The only indication of what you can do is given by the payment options listed at the bottom of the screen, which is useful if you know them all, but if not you could be left quite confused.


Licensing, as usual, is at the bottom of the page, and in this instance is licensed by both the Gaming Authority of Malta and the UK Gaming Commision. Nothing unusual or different with this information.

Gaming Authority of Malta: LGA/CL1/785/2011 & LGA/CL1/965/2014

Customer Service and Social Media

When it comes to customer support, there’s a live chat option and then a complaints one – there’s no mention of email addresses or telephone numbers, which could be deemed as good or bad depending on your preferred method of contacting customer service. Again, it’s like the gaming has been deemed as the most important aspect of the brand, which, while true in part, there’s a lot more needed for an online casino to be successful and respected, such as detailed information. Sadly, Slotty Vegas lacks this in abundance.

Fortunately they seem to take their social media a lot more seriously, and have a whole host of accounts listed for you to connect with should you so wish; these include Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and quite a few others. When you click on these buttons though, they take you to share a post about the brand rather than take you to their homepages, which seems a little odd. All and all, their social networking is spotty at best.

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